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Description:It has good salt resistance and excellent wetting permeability

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product details

  一、 Basic features

  Sp-3108 is a series of anionic and non-ionic synergist with good salt tolerance and excellent wetting and permeability. It can significantly reduce the surface tension between the solution and crops and enhance the permeability of the solution on the surface of crops. The product has good fluidity and is suitable for most of the water agent products, including some products with high salt system, and the addition amount is generally 10%.

  二、 Typical data

  Appearance: light yellow flowing liquid

  PH value (1% aqueous solution, 250C): 5.5

  Density (25 ℃, g / ml): 1.09

  Rotational viscosity (25 ℃, MPA · s): 210

  Thin film evaporator

  Solubility: miscible with water


  三、 Application characteristics

  Compared with the conventional non-ionic wetting agent, this product has better salt resistance, can be directly added to some high salt system formula, has a certain solubilization effect, can inhibit the precipitation of some easily precipitated technical drug in the water-based system; compared with some salt tolerant additives such as alkyl glycosides, betaine, etc., it shows better wettability, and can significantly improve the efficacy performance of the formula product.

  四、 Packaging, storage and transportation

  This product is packed in brand new plastic barrel with net content of 200kg / barrel or 50kg / barrel. Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Transport as non hazardous chemicals.

  五、 Product shelf life

  The shelf life of this product is two years. After two years, it can still be used.

  六、 Application examples

Name of preparationFormulationProduct features
Glufosinate 20% asGlufosinate 20%, sp-3108 20%, water supplement 100%The product is well wetted, and it is not easy to crystallize on the plant surface
480g / L glyphosate isopropylamine slGlyphosate 30.5%, isopropylamine 13%, sp-3108 10%, water supplement 100%The product has good wettability and excellent efficacy
Fomesafen 25% asFomesafen 25%, ethanolamine 4%, sp-3108 10%, water supplement 100%Low cost, good wetting
480g / L bentazone asBentazone 41%, 30% NaOH 25%, sp-3108 10%, HAC 0.05%, rose essence 0.05%, water supplement 100%Low cost, good wetting
30% dichloropyridinic acid asDichloropyridinic acid 30%, ethanolamine 11%, sp-3108 10%, water supplement 100%Low cost, good wetting
720g / L 2,4d dimethylamine salt as2,4d acid 50%, dimethylamine 10%, sp-3108 10%, water supplement 100%High content, good wetting
4% imazethapyr asMefenapyr 4%, 30% NaOH solution 2%, sp-3108 10%, ethylene glycol 5%, water supplement 100%The product is well wetted, and the dilution solution is not easy to crystallize
2.5% oxamyl + 0.5% metalaxyl as30% NaOH solution 3.5%, 3108 10%, water supplement 100%It has good solubilization and low cost

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