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Function of dispersant in fabric cleaning


  There are many kinds of dispersants, each of which has a different effect. There are more than 1000 kinds of substances in the world with dispersing effect. Today, we take a look at the role of polymer dispersants in washing.

  In the process of fabric cleaning, dirt dispersion and anti settlement is a very important cleaning link, which is directly related to the cleanliness and cleaning efficiency of fabric surface. So it is very important for detergent manufacturers to choose dispersant reasonably.  


  High efficiency, cleaner polymer dispersant with strong wetting and dispersibility. It is easy to form a homogeneous network distribution in the aqueous system and adsorb with the dirt particles under the action of electric charge, so that the dirt particles can be uniformly dispersed in the water. DAP HP25 dispersant has more advantages than other surfactants in the fouling dispersion, which is embodied in the following aspects;

  1, water soluble, rapid dispersion

  2. Good dispersing performance to prevent dirt from settling and regrouping

  3. It has stable compatibility with nonionic, cationic and anionic systems

  4. It is safe and environmentally friendly and easy to be biodegraded.

  Polymer dispersant has strong dispersibility to the dirt and even the sediment, and can effectively prevent the dirt from depositing again on the cleaned surface, which can be widely used in the clothing washing products and automobile beauty industry.


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