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Description:Product features sp-sc3275 is a polycarboxylate dispersant with weak cationic properties. Besides the high-efficiency di···

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product details

  一、 Product features

  Sp-sc3275 is a polycarboxylate dispersant with weak cationic properties. Besides the high-efficiency dispersion stability of the traditional polymer polycarboxylate, the weak cation is more tightly bound with the technical drug, and has excellent particle size control and growth for the preparations with easy particle size such as pyraclostrobin SC and buprofezin SC; The pesticide particles coated with cationic dispersant are more likely to not settle on the target surface and increase the amount of pesticide deposition. In addition, the cationic groups have no interaction with calcium and magnesium ions in hard water, and can coexist. Therefore, the SC prepared by sp-sc3275 can withstand 3-5 times dilution of hard water and improve the compatibility of pesticide and fertilizer. The product is a domestic cationic dispersant.

  二、 Typical data

  Appearance: colorless to yellowish transparent

  PH (1% aqueous solution, 25 ℃): 5 ~ 7

  Flash point: > 100 ℃

  Solubility: miscible with water

  Nonvolatile: 40%

  Density (25 ℃, kg / m3): 1.1

  Closed flash point (℃): > 100


  三、 Application characteristics

  Sp-sc3275 is a kind of suspending agent prepared by low melting point crude drug with good temperature resistance, which can maintain the crystal state of technical drug, inhibit the growth of particle size and reduce the possibility of recrystallization of technical drug. The prepared product has good resistance to hard water and salt, and has good dispersing and suspending ability in high salt system or fertilizer, and the deposition amount of product in target is obviously higher than that of common product. The results of 25% pyraclostrobin SC showed that the efficacy of the product was significantly higher than that of the market dispersing agent.

  Sp-3275 is generally used with 4-8% and is recommended to be used alone. If it is used together with general anionic wetting agent, it may reduce the particle size inhibition ability, but it does not affect the stability of the product.

  四、 Packaging, storage and transportation:

  This product is packed in brand new plastic barrel, with net content of 200kg / barrel or 50kg / barrel. Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Transport as non hazardous chemicals.

  五、 Product shelf life:

  The shelf life of this product is two years. After two years, it can still be used.

  六、 Application examples

Name of preparationDosage of additivesParticle size before thermal storage D90 umParticle size after thermal storage D90 um
Pyraclostrobin 25% SC5-8%3.8654.536
25% pyrazole + 10% epoxiconazole SC5-8%4.4105.694
5% pyrazole + 12. 5% thiafuramide SC5-8%6.3535.899
12.8% pyrazole + 25.2% acetamivir SC5-8%4.3184.543
350g / L imidacloprid SC (hard water resistant)5-8%5.4275.600
250 g / L azoxystrobin SC (hard water resistant)5-8%3.2393.881
250G / L bifenthrin SC (hard water resistant)5-8%2.8334.015

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