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Description:Basic features sp-df2222 comb type polycarboxylate dispersant prepared by controlled polymerization technology has comb ···

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product details

  一、 Basic features

  The comb type polycarboxylate dispersant sp-df2222 was prepared by controllable polymerization technology. It has comb structure, carboxyl, heterocyclic and moderate hybrid groups in the side chain, moderate hydrophobic groups and their distribution, which improves the versatility of the product in the preparation process of dry suspension agent. The dispersive force caused by the similarity between hydrophobic groups and pesticides, as well as the hydrogen bond of carboxylate, endow the dispersant with irreversible adsorption capacity in the process of sand grinding and drying, and the steric hindrance of polymer long carbon chain makes sp-df2222 a standard dispersant with good versatility.

  二、 Typical data

  Appearance: yellow viscous liquid

  PH (1% aqueous solution, 25 ℃): 6.74

  Flash point (℃): > 100

  Kinematic viscosity (40 ℃, MPA · s): 1310

  Solubility: miscible with water, insoluble in non-polar solvents and most polar organic solvents

  Wetting of DF prepared by 2222

  Solid content (%): 22%


  三、 Application characteristics

  Sp-df2222 is a hyperbranched polymer dispersant, which has a stereoscopic spatial structure. It can form better adsorption with the original drug, and will not be desorbed at high temperature. This structure is more suitable for DF dosage forms. When used with lignosulfonate sp-2226, the heat resistance of the formulation can be improved, especially for low melting point DF varieties, such as pyraclostrobin, Difenoconazole, and oximexystrobin; When used with polycarboxylate polymer dispersant, such as sp-df2296, it is suitable for preparations with high content (75% - 85%) DF, especially for white or off white preparations. The general addition amount of sp-df2222 and sp-df2296 is 5% - 10% and 8% - 15%, respectively. Fillers or small molecular weight dispersants can be used for special varieties. The formulation system has good versatility and high temperature resistance for high content DF preparations, such as 80% Dimethomorph DF, 80% captan DF, 80% imidacloprid DF, etc.

  四、 Packaging, storage and transportation

  This product is packed in plastic barrel, net content is 200kg / barrel. Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Transport as non hazardous chemicals.

  五、 Product shelf life

  The shelf life of this product is two years. After two years, it can still be used

  六、 Application examples

Name of preparationFormulationPreparation characteristics
80% Dimethomorph DFSP-DF2222,15%,SP-DF2258,20%,otherWater atomization dispersion is good, wetting is good
75% isoproturon DFSP-DF2222,15%,SP-DF2258,25%,otherWetting is fast
80% captan DFSP-DF2222,20%,SP-DF2258,25%,otherHeat storage bag
83% chlorothalonil DFSP-DF2222,10%,SP-DF2290,25%,otherStable performance, high temperature resistance
75% thiamethoxam DFSP-DF2222,10%,SP-DF2226Make up100%It has good adaptability to technical drug
80% Pymetrozine and nitenpyram DFSP-DF2222,10%,SP-DF2279,0.5%,SP-DF2219:5%It has good adaptability to Pymetrozine

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