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Solve the Poor Wettability of Dry Flowable (DF) by Processing and Formulating


  As an important specification of dry flowable (DF) products, wettability has a great effect on the quality, export and application of DF products. Currently, poor wetting property still occurs to some DF products produced by high tower spraying granulation, exhibiting prolonged wetting time and accumulated granules in water.

  SINVOCHEM R&D team has devoted to solve the poor wettability of DF based on a root-seeking method. Their research shows that changing granule morphology and adjusting adjuvant formula can effectively overcome the problem of poor wettability from the source.

  Part 1 Develop new process and change granule morphology

  Research shows that changing DF granule morphology, for example, by fluidized bed granulation or secondary granulation, can greatly improve the wetting property of preparation, even though the formula is not modified.


  50% Azoxystrobin DF by fluidized bed granulation (left) and by pressure spray granulation (right) in water

  Based on the study of DF granulation technology, SINVOCHEM team proposed a "continuous fluidized bed DF processing technology" which processes the DF precursor slurry through fluidized bed granulation equipment to obtain fluffy solid particles with improved wetting property. Besides, the lower working temperature of fluidized bed makes it more suitable for the production of low melting point products.

  With the aid of fluidized bed technology, adopting conventional formulas can also solve the poor wettability, particle accumulation and excessive broken particle. The fluidized bed equipment can be applied to most DF products, especially for low melting point products.

  Part 2 Tailored formulas to improve wetting

  SINVOCHEM has put forward its solution for the poor wettability problem in high-loading hydrophobic active ingredients DF.

  Medium-loading active ingredients DF (about 50%)

  Medium-loading actives DF consists of coffee-colored formulation (with polycarboxylate dispersant supplemented with lignosulfonate dispersant) and white-colored or off-white-colored formulation (with polycarboxylate dispersant supplemented with naphthalene sulfonate dispersant).

  For the former, SINVOCHEM proposed an adjuvant combination of SP-DF2238+DF2225+SP-DF2234, which can greatly enhance the wettability of 50% dimethomorph DF, 50% azoxystrobin DF and so on.


  Poor wettability of above products can be solved by combination of SP-DF2238+DF2225+SP-DF2234

  For the latter, SINVOCHEM worked out two solutions: a versatile combination of SP-DF2238 +SP-DF225 +SP-DF2231Y and a combination of SP-DF2222 +SP-DF2258.

  High-loading hydrophobic active ingredients DF (above 70%)

  For the white-colored or off-white-colored formulation, the poor wetting property can be solved by:

  (1) combination of SP-DF2222+SP-DF2258+wetting agent, which brings good wettability and can improve wettability of most high-loading products;

  (2) combination of SP-DF2238+SP-DF2258+wetting agent, which shows both wettability and dispersibility;

  (3) versatile combination of SP-DF2238+SP-DF2225+SP-DF2231Y, which demonstrates dispersion compatibility and certain wettability and can improve the wetting of most products.


  The high-loading active ingredients DF products that have improved wettability

  To do a good job, one must first sharpen one's tools. Choosing appropriate process and formula can produce higher quality and more competitive products!


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