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Description:The basic characteristics of SP-2728 are a new type of polymer surfactant with comb structure, which is formed by the co···

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product details

  一、 Basic features of products

  SP-2728 is a new type of polymer surfactant with comb structure, which is formed by unsaturated monomer copolymerization. It has excellent dispersing and viscosity reducing function. It is often used collocation with SP-SC3 and SP-SC29 in the suspension system. It is used as an excellent surfactant for pesticide formulations of environmental friendly pesticides such as SC, FS, SE, CS, EW and DF. The powder products produced by spray drying can be applied to WDG and WP. 。 The test results show that the series of products can also be used for dispersing organic or inorganic pigments such as water-based coatings and water-based inks.

  二、 Typical data

  Appearance: yellow viscous liquid

  Water solubility: soluble with water

  PH value (5% aqueous solution, 25 ℃): 7.3

  Flash point (℃): > 100

  HLB value: 13.2

  三、 Application examples

Name of preparationcharacteristic
25% Pymetrozine SCIt can effectively solve the problem of easy hydration of Pymetrozine, and has good dispersing and viscosity reducing effects.
500g / L Triadimefon SCThe system has good stability and no crystal precipitation under heat storage condition.
30% cyromazine SCTo solve the problem of strong water solubility and difficult processing SC, the preparation is stable and the suspension rate is high.
450 g / L liguron SCThe stability of the system is good.
450 g / L prochloraz EWIt has good stability in cold and hot storage and room temperature storage.

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