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Description:The basic characteristics of the product sp-sc29 is a macromolecular amphiphilic anionic nonionic surfactant complex wit···

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product details

  Basic features of products

  Sp-sc29 is a macromolecular amphiphilic anionic nonionic surfactant complex with Gemini structure, which increases the thickness of electric double layer on the particle surface under the action of external forces such as colloid mill or high-speed shear force; it can be used alone or in combination with sp-2728 for pesticide preparations such as SC, Se, FS, CS, EW, me, WP, DF, etc; It is especially suitable for the use of conventional phosphate dispersants, such as azoles, ureas, botanical sources such as emamectin benzoate, FS or SC.

  Typical data

  Appearance: yellow viscous liquid

  Water solubility: soluble with water

  PH value (5% aqueous solution, 25 ℃): 6.2

  Density (25 ℃, g / ml): 1.008

  Rotational viscosity (25 ℃, MPA · s): 16800

  Application examples

Name of preparationcharacteristic
400g / L buprofezin SCEffective control of foam production, no accumulation of particles during storage.
6% Emamectin SCIt can solve the emulsification and dispersion of impurities in Emamectin technical drug, and the preparation has good stability.
500 g / L atrazine SCIt can improve the universality of the formulation and effectively prevent the preparation from being pasted.
720g / L chlorothalonil SCThe sand grinding efficiency is high, and there is no flocculation in the dilution test.
80 g / L thiacloprid SCThere was no paste phenomenon in the process of sand grinding and thermal storage.

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