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Description:General emulsifier, commonly used with 505, can be used in most emulsifiable oil products

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product details

  一、 Basic features

  Sp-ec3577s is a anionic non-ionic composite emulsifier. It has excellent emulsifying performance and wide emulsifying application range through the combination of different types of non-ionic and anionic auxiliaries in proper proportion. It is generally used with sp-d505 and can be applied to most emulsifiable oil products with dosage of 5-10%. The suitable dosage form is EC / SE

  二、 Typical data

  Appearance: yellow viscous liquid

  PH value (5% aqueous solution, 25 ℃): 6.3

  Density (25 ℃, g / ml): 1.05

  Rotational viscosity (25 ℃, MPA · s): 230

  Solubility: soluble in most aromatics or polar solvents

  Closed flash point (℃): 73.3

  Moisture (%): 0.1

  Freezing point (℃): - 5


  三、 Application characteristics

  This product is collocation 500#. It has good emulsification performance and wide application range in emulsified products. It can be applied to most of the emulsifiable products. The ratio of this product and 500# can meet the requirements of emulsifying stability in different EC products. Compared with the traditional emulsifiers, the products can be greatly reduced.

  四、 Packaging, storage and transportation

  This product is packed in brand new plastic barrel with net content of 200kg / barrel or 50kg / barrel. Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Transport as non hazardous chemicals.

  五、 Product shelf life:

  The shelf life of this product is two years. After two years, it can still be used.

  六、 Application examples

Name of preparationPreparation ratioPreparation characteristics
25 g / L beta cypermethrin ECKung Fu 2.7%, 3577s 4.1%, 505 1.9%, 150ාාmake upThe amount of additives is small and the cost is low
480g / L chlorpyrifos ECChlorpyrifos 45%, 3577s 5.2%, 505 2.8%, 150% supplementThe amount of additives is small and the cost is low
2% flumuron + 30% profenofos ECCyclohexanone 10%, epoxidized soybean oil 2%, 3577s 6.3%, 505 1.7%, triethylamine 0.075%, 150%The stability of the preparation is good
25% chlorfenapyr ECCyclohexanone 15%, 3577s 8.2%, 505 1.8%, xylene supplementGood dilution stability
Pyraclostrobin 25% ECDMC 20%,3577S 8%,505 2%,150#Make upEnvironmentally friendly solvent formulation
Cyhalofop 10% ECSynergist 10%, methyl oleate 20%, 3577s 15%, 505 5%, 150% supplementEfficiency program
24% oxyfluorfen ECDMF 20%,3577S 5.5%,505 4.5%,150#Make upGood versatility
Butachlor 60% EC3577S 5.5%,505 4.5%,150#Make upGood versatility
100 g / L fenoxaprop-p-ethyl + 27 g / L pyrazolyl EC5%, DMF 5%, 3577s 7%, 505 3%, and 150% respectivelyGood versatility

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